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In order to implement security of guests business hotel "Imperial", as well as their guests, accommodation (share a room) of citizens to the hotel is on presentation of an identity document (passport, military ID), subject to agreement with the rules of the guest hotel .. When registering a child must provide a birth certificate, if the names do not match, the administrator requests proof of relationship and permission for removal of the child, certified by a notary.

These rules shall govern the reservation, settlements, housing and services in the hotel "Imperial".

1. The hotel is designed for the temporary residence of the term, coordinated with the hotel administration. After the expiry of the agreed period the guest is obliged to leave the room at the request of the administration. If they wish to extend the period of residence must inform the manager of the hotel no later than 2 hours before check-in time - 12:00 local time. The extension of staying in the same room is possible only in the absence of a confirmed reservation for the benefit of third parties.

2. Check-out time - 12:00 local time.

3. Mode at the "Imperial" - non-stop.

4. Payment for accommodation and hotel services, including insurance premiums and mortgage payments are carried at market (contract) prices, according to the approved price list of hotel management. Payment is made in rubles in cash, by bank transfer under the contract with the booking or payment (credit) cards. Accommodation in the hotel is made only after the lodger prepayment for the entire expected life of residence. Fiscal receipt and the final bill for the services is given at the exit of the guest.

5. The payment for accommodation under a single checkout time - from 12:00 the current day, local time. In the free settlement of the guest during the night from 22:00 to 08:00 in the settlement is available only to the check-in time is the extension of residence in accordance with paragraph 1 of these rules. For stays of less than one day (24 hours) the fee charged for the day regardless of the time of arrival and departure.

6. Children over the age of 12 years old without extra bed are free of charge. Over 12 years of age is given a separate place, and the payment is taken on the same basis.

7. Regardless of the type of settlement in case of delay in departure of the guest upon check-in time for more than one hour, billed as a half a day (18 hours). When checking out after 18 hours after the payment is made as a full day.

8. Administration is entitled to retain an amount equal to the cost of one night stay from entering them (the guarantor) payment in the event of a guest staying or reducing the length of stay. This amount is a payment for the reservation number on the name of the guest for the duration of his residence.

9. For booking availability is not taken. Reservation is canceled with a delay of more than 6 hours, unless the client must call that late. Reservation is made with the number of places for living, personal data and the time of their arrival. Application is strictly by email. Verbal requests will not be accepted.

10. In the case of visiting guest of the guest, his record is as follows:

  • During the visit guests on the passport or driver's license from 10 to 23 hours (without registration)
  • Between 23-00 to 10-00 strictly on the passport (registration number)
  • Limit the number of guests: Economy - 2 persons, including the guest, the other categories of rooms - 3 persons, including the guest (guests).
  • If you exceed this limit, the decision to accept the situation, the hotel individually.
  • Failure to comply with the rules of Hotel guests can be limited in time or interrupted.

11. Bed linen is changed every three days, towels and toiletries daily. If the guest request we can made an unscheduled change of underwear.

12. The hotel offers guests the following types of free services:

  • Billiards;
  • WI-FI;
  • Call an ambulance;
  • Use of the first aid kit;
  • Call a taxi;
  • Restaurant reservations;
  • Delivery to the room of receipt of the correspondence;
  • Photocopies of documents;
  • Use of safe deposit boxes;
  • Up call to a specific time, on request to the administrator;
  • Provision of sewing accessories, set of dishes and cutlery;
  • Use a hair dryer;
  • Use of the machine for shoes.

13. The hotel has a guest in additional services for a fee for extra services at his request, in accordance with the list and register prices

14. The hotel is equipped with an emergency generator.

15. Guest is obliged to:

  • When leaving the room to close the taps, windows, turn off the lights, TV;
  • Comply with the established in the hotel "Imperial" Policies, be clean, quiet, and peace in the room and
  • the hotel;
  • Follow the rules of fire safety;
  • To pay damages in the event of loss, damage, or damage property.
  • When leaving the room the guest room must pass the maid or the duty manager
  • Please note that towels and robes are the property of the hotel, and the shortage in the room, at the
  • exit of a guest, is estimated as damage to the hotel.

Damage assessment is based on "price list for damage to property at";

  • Be responsible for the actions of their guests to their room guests;
  • Exclude the possibility of infection in the room;
  • To pay all additional services provided by the hotel on time and in full,

16. The property shall be prohibited:

  • Leave in the room other people, and send them a card-room key;
  • To store bulky items, flammable materials, weapons, chemical and radioactive substances, mercury;
  • To keep in the room of animals (birds, reptiles);
  • To smoke in the rooms, as well as in the halls and corridors of the hotel;
  • In a state of alcohol or drugs;
  • To use the heater if it is not provided in the room;
  • Disturb guests in the surrounding rooms.

17. The hotel is not responsible for loss of valuables of the guest who are in the room, in violation of his order's stay. In case of forgotten things the administration takes steps to return to their owners. If the owner is not found, the administration said the find to the police.

18. Guestbook is a duty manager and issued at the request of customers.

19. The hotel management reserves the right to visit the rooms without the consent of the Guest in the

event of smoke, fire, flood, and in the case of violation of the order of the guest accommodation, public

order, and the order of use of appliances.

20. The hotel has the right to terminate the contract for the provision of accommodation services unilaterally or refuse to extend the period of residence in the event of the Guest Policies, delayed payment of hotel services, causing damage to the hotel guest.

21. In the absence of the guest in the residence more than a day (or within 6 hours of the onset of his check-in time), the hotel has the right to establish a commission and make an inventory of the property which is in the room. Tangible assets in the form of cash, precious metals, valuable documents, the administration takes under its responsibility. Other property is in the Service Department.

22. Administration is taking all possible measures to resolve the conflict under the law In the event of complaints from consumers.

23. The administration and the guest with the existing legislation of the Russian Federation in cases not covered by these rules.


Hotel policies are based on the RF Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights" and "Rules of the hotel industry in the Russian Federation", approved by the RF Government Decree of April 25, 1997 N 490 (as amended on October 2, 1999, September 15 2000, February 1, 2005)


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